MOA Foundation

M4MOTO™ Supports The Foundation
When you use the Coupon Code from our PSA in BMWON, M4MOTO will donate a portion of your purchase directly to the Foundation.

The Coupon Code does not reduce the cost of the stickers but rather designates your association with the MOA and prompts us to make the donation. Thanks for your support!

(From the BMWMOA website)

The BMW Motorcycle Owners of America Foundation is dedicated to improving rider safety, and supporting motorcycling and its rich heritage. This mission is founded on the following goals:

  • Promote programs for FIRST-TIME RIDERS, with an emphasis on YOUTH, women and families
  • Establish a clearinghouse for information related to the proper maintenance and safe motorcycle operation
  • Support educational and personal growth programs related to safe and enjoyable motorcycle use
  • Respond positively to the initiatives of donors and supporters within the stated Mission and vision of the Foundation, and to seek opportunities to partner with other organizations with similar missions